Information and Advice Regarding Diagnosis of Hepatitis C

Hepatits C results and interpretationHepatitis C is first tested with HCV antibody in a blood sample. The antibody does not indicate chronic infection. It persists after cure for many years.If HCV antibody result is positive HCV viral RNA is the next test needed.

  •   HCV RNA result positive confirms chronic infection and referral to specialist services for treatment is indicated.
  •   HCV RNA negative excludes chronic infection and no further action is required. 

 New diagnosis of Hepatitis C adviceA person diagnosed with hepatitis C should be:

  • Counselled about the dangers of alcohol consumption
  • Informed of the risk of transmitting infection
  • Educated about methods to reduce the risk of spreading infection
  • Vaccinated against hepatitis A and B if non-immune to these infections
  • If the results indicate chronic infection (HCV RNA positive) referral to a specialist service for monitoring and treatment is indicated.

Other recommendations include administration of annual influenza vaccine and pneumonia vaccine.