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The team at a test screening   The Team at a test screening

HIT Sheffield -【谢菲尔德肝炎资讯与测试站】是谢菲尔德肝炎病毒组的主导行动,此小组由谢菲尔德教学医院传染病及病毒学的医生和护士所组成,与社区领袖和志愿者携手合作。




在健康教育者的协助下,向有关群体提供资料及检 测,以推广這方面的健康教育。

People involved



Department of Infection and Tropical Medicine (Royal Hallamshire Hospital):

Alicia Vedio - Infectious Diseases Doctor (HIT Sheffield lead)
Fran Rayner - Hepatitis Nurse Specialist (HIT Sheffield lead)
Ray Poll - Hepatitis Nurse Consultant
Mike McKendrick - Consultant Doctor and Professor

Department of Virology (Northern General Hospital):

Helena Ellam - Virology Registrar
Goura Kudesia - Consultant Virologist and Professor

Community leaders:

Andrew Wong - Health Program Coordinator Kinhon Chinese Community Centre
Tanyat Basharat - Community Health Manager ShipShape, Sharrow

GP practices involved:

Page Hall Medical Centre - Fir Vale, Sheffield, UK - Ann Gregory, practice nurse.

Sheffield Healthy Communities Programme - Providing support and links as part of the Enhanced Public Health Programme


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Community volunteers, workers and interpreters: Samia Masood, Jenny Chen, Connie Chapman, Andrew Wong, Huma Jalal, Sharjeel Jalal, Muna Shadli and Michaela Chambers.

Thanks to our funders:

This project was funded by a grant from the Gilead UK and Ireland Fellowship Programme 2011Gilead UK and Ireland Fellowship Programme

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